Miladir Square Decorative Handcrafted Moroccan Mosaic Wall Mirror 50cm Unique Home Decor by Canny Art


Embrace the elegance of Moroccan craftsmanship with Canny Art’s “Miladir” mirror, featuring hand-cut mosaic tiles and a bevelled central mirror—a luxurious addition to any home. A good-quality hook is attached at the back for easy hanging on the wall. The surface can be cleaned easily with a soft, damp cloth.

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Miladir Moroccan Mosaic Wall Mirror: Where Tradition Meets Modern Design

Artistry and Design The “Miladir” mirror beautifully merges Moroccan mosaic art with contemporary design elements. At its heart, a square, bevelled-edge mirror reflects flawlessly. Surrounding this, an exquisite mosaic frame weaves a tale of meticulous craftsmanship, illustrating how tradition can complement modern aesthetics.

Detail and Craftsmanship Moreover, artisans hand-cut tiles in diverse shapes and shades, assembling them into a rich tapestry. Small, diamond-shaped pieces, strategically placed, catch the light and add a subtle sparkle. This contrast with larger tiles catches the eye and invites onlookers to delve into every detail.

Luxury and Culture Furthermore, the “Miladir” mirror transcends its practical use, embodying luxury, cultural depth, and the finesse of handcrafting whether adorning a living room, hallway, or bedroom significantly enhances the space’s elegance and charm.


  • Dimensions: The overall size is 50cm by 50cm, with the central mirror measuring 30cm by 30cm.
  • Hand-Cut Mosaic Tiles: The frame boasts a meticulously arranged array of hand-cut tiles, including distinctive diamond-shaped accents, showcasing unparalleled beauty and intricacy.
  • Bevelled Central Mirror: Additionally, the central mirror’s bevelled edges introduce depth and sophistication, ensuring a clear, reflective surface.
  • Versatile Orientation: Importantly, it offers two mounting orientations, catering to any room’s design needs.
  • Durable Craftsmanship: “Miladir” marries aesthetic appeal with robust construction, standing the test of time.

Brand Values

At Canny Art, we passionately commit to the art of the handmade, enriching each piece with a sense of history, culture, and craftsmanship. Consequently, the “Miladir” mirror, with its rich Moroccan influences and artisanal quality, exemplifies our dedication to creating unique, sustainable decor. It resonates with those who deeply value beauty and craftsmanship in their living spaces, making it a testament to our brand’s values.

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