Crystal Rose Gold AROMA Wax Oil Touch Sensitive Lamp


Crystal Touch Sensitive Aroma Lamp – Rose Gold Electric Wax Burner. Adjustable Heat & Light. Ideal for Creating Cosy Ambiance in Homes. A touch-sensitive wax burner that elegantly diffuses scents and adds a warm glow to any room. Perfect for a cosy and fragrant ambiance.

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Enhance your home ambiance with this stunning Crystal Touch Sensitive Aroma Lamp in Rose Gold. This exquisite amber crystal electric wax burner/aroma lamp works by gently touching the base of the lamp. This adjusts the level of heat to fill your room with scent and at the same time turn on the light. The beautiful amber crystal design gives a lovely warm glow, which creates a warm cosy vibe. Use the aroma lamp in your living room, bedroom or home office, whichever room you choose you can create a space to sit back unwind and rest with your favourite strong-scented wax melt or fragrance oil. Easy to use by gently tapping on the base to control the light and wax melt temperature. Touch it once for low light and melt setting, twice for medium light and the final touch for brighter light and maximum temperature to melt the wax tarts. Can also be used as a standalone light.

This lamp is a great addition to your home decor and is sure to impress your guests.


Replacement Bulbs Compatible – 23W / 35W / 40W

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20 X 13 X 13cm